Courier WLT Cambelt

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gunna-1, Dec 27, 11:02am
Probabaly a washer on the wrong way on the bottom crank pully, i,ve seen it happen once, it made a weird sound that went away after a while and luckely it was checked as the cambelt had been ground down to half its size. -
. -

budgel, Dec 27, 11:11am
I dont think it was that because neither of the pulleys need to be removed for the belt change.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 11:36am
Does it have an automatic tensioner adjuster, or a manual adjustment ?

budgel, Dec 27, 11:55am
It is a tension spring pulling on an eccentric pivot.

intrade, Dec 27, 12:03pm
What brand?
are any components making noises pulley water pump?
play in components?
miss alignments?

mechnificent, Dec 27, 12:03pm
Oh ok. Well that's a bad case. Even the shittiest belt should do better than that. You don't think the cam could have seized first ? No sign of lockup on the cam or journals ?

budgel, Dec 27, 1:03pm
I cant tell the brand of the belt. there's bugger all of it left.
No apparent misalignments or play anywhere.

budgel, Dec 27, 1:08pm
No, the cam looks fine and spins freely by hand now there are no rockers there, minimal signs of wear. No whining in the engine before self destruction, just heard a tinkle as she died. Probably the rocker arms breaking.

intrade, Dec 27, 1:14pm
more and more plastics and rubbers turn to dust over time.
A timing belt has lifespan of 6 years. if the belt was on a shelf for 8 to 10 years and you then buy and fit it means you are fitting something that is turning to dust any secound= what could likely have happned.
We can thank all them Green laws for this.
Everything Turns to dust or better micro-plastic pollution. i currently wear a tshirt at least 30+ years old and looks like its one or 2 years old. While new tshirts 5 washes and you can throw it away .
The most early signs was the stuff the warhouse used to sell in 1990 i clearly remember the sewer pipe smell and the broken plastic stuff on the shelfs. The warhouse used to be where the whangarei claphams clock now is.
Then it started showing with cv boot rubbers that would turn to dust after 2 years on the nagbours nissan sentra sitting in the garage. And from there on almost everything is now made like this. My mates toaster has rotted hole in the plastic its turning to dust while he uses it.

intrade, Dec 27, 1:28pm
only other answer would be had been replaced 6000km ago. By who ? since you dont know what brand it was was not you or you would know what was fitted?

franc123, Dec 27, 1:46pm
The timing belt system is amongst the simplest around on those. Any evidence something may have got jammed in the belt, say a tensioner bolt, spring etc?

greenfox, Dec 27, 2:25pm
Too much tension put on the belt when installed?

differentthings, Dec 27, 2:26pm
That's where I would be looking in that area first. The cambelt breaking would not break the rocker arm. Even if the valves hit the pistons they usually bend the valves and not breaker the rocker arms.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 2:49pm
So it didn't just shred teeth of then ? The whole belt has been rubbing, or misaligned and building up heat.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 2:49pm
Perhaps some photos would help. There will be a reason.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 2:51pm
No Differentthings the modern cars have rockers designed to break if the belt fails. well some of them anyway. The valves are meant to hopefully survive these days.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 2:54pm
Oops. I see you have a photo. I'm afraid it won't open in my ancient laptop though.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 2:58pm
A few years ago there was a product recall on a lot of cam belts because they were manufactured poorly and the front circumference wasn't the same as the back circumference. When they were put on, the front or back edge of the belt would be tight, and the other edge would be loose.
Perhaps you got one of those, or it's that problem come back up again.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 2:59pm
Haha. A few years ago to me is about fifteen or twenty.

budgel, Dec 27, 3:11pm
That kinda sounds like it, because there is no other evidence of failure, I guess I'll never know for sure. It looks like it ran off to the inside and abraded and shredded itself until it let go. From what I've read breaking the rockers is what happens as the valves arent canted so the pistons push them straight up and snap what looks to be cast iron rockers judging by the exposed granules.
I fitted it myself 6000km ago, so I know that no shortcuts were taken. I'm not a pro but have done cambelts before, and as said these are one of the simplest to do, and it ran like a dream until it let go.

kazbanz, Dec 27, 3:19pm
THIS ^^^^^ was the first thing that went through my head.
Actually not that exactly. More Im thinking something has jammed/seized causing the shredding not the other way round.

franc123, Dec 27, 3:23pm
All very suspicious. If you just let the spring do its thing and let the tensioner tighten the belt and secure the centre (the only bolt I think) on them you couldn't have overtensioned it.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 3:27pm
Yup that sounds exactly like what used to be happening. Running off the pulleys was what they did.

mechnificent, Dec 27, 3:33pm
And if you look at the rockers they will probably have a real narrow bit where they broke. If so, the valves are probably ok. Turn it and try to ascertain if there's some compression, or no air noise coming out. If so it's a good bet you can fit new rockers and belt and turn it carefully before you start it. and it will be fine. No harm done trying as long as you turn it and feel for leakage or hitting valves before you start it. The manuals even say it's ok. It's not just my nutty idea.

stornello, Dec 27, 6:06pm
This is what happens with these engines, they break all the rockers. No bent valves, just a rocker replacement and all is good. I don't see the photos, but you need to know what was replaced last time.