When buying from a dealer

totalimp, Sep 8, 11:49am
Specifically trading in and buying, do you assume they'll take care of ownership? Or would you just change ownership?

tgray, Sep 8, 12:06pm
As a dealer, I always do that. Best just to ask thought to make sure.

kazbanz, Sep 8, 3:01pm
LEGALLY --it is the responsibility of the buyer to do C of O
That's clearly stated bottom right corner of all CIN/SIN cards.
What that means is YOU take care of it for the car you bought . THEY take care of it for the car they traded
From a practical point of view most dealers will take care of both C of O's
Simply because its a pita dealing with the potential fallout.

franc123, Sep 8, 5:19pm
Same applies to private sellers too. Some people can't be trusted to do ANYTHING properly.

spead, Sep 8, 7:23pm

totalimp, Sep 10, 9:39am
Thats good to know, thought i read stuff thoroughly but apparently i don't! Thanks!

kazbanz, Nov 23, 1:15am
What I do is when going through the CIN card with a customer is cross that clause out. Put N/A on it and initial it so they can see we deal with it. if that's not done then it legally is your responsibility

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