Honda CTX200 fuel tank

skiff1, Sep 21, 9:56am
Hi, do any of you motorcycle experts know if there is a plastic tank available that fits a Honda CTX 200? My bikes are 2007 and 2008, if that’s relevant. Also they are still factory red.
Unfortunately because they spend a lot of time outside, I’m constantly having to flush water out of the tanks, and a plastic tank I think would help.
Thanks for your help in advance.

kazbanz, Nov 16, 8:50pm
I was "certain" they had a plastic tank already. Might be my old man memory screwing up so don't trust my word.--Just thinking it might be the newer version.
I'd say otherwise its going to be a case of hauling the tank off one bike and doing a measure up of an alternative tank. There are a fair range of accessory tanks around.

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