Where to buy a vehicle in Melbourne?

jmm111, Sep 3, 2:51pm
My son who is a tradesman has moved to Melbourne to work (before lockdown of course) He bought a vehicle to get him to and from work with his tools, and it turned out to be a dud. Can anyone recommend an honest secondhand dealer. He doesn't know much about cars.
Any advice gratefully received!

intrade, Sep 3, 4:29pm
tradesman in what? and what budget. id say in stralia scrap metal is also selling as mintas as we just found out.

s_nz, Sep 3, 4:36pm
No idea about Melbourne dealer, but I would use the same approach as in NZ. Search the major car listing websites, then do your own due diligence via checking maintenance records and pre-purchase inspections etc.

https://www.autotrader.com.au/ https://www.gumtree.com.au/cars

If brave, even could try Facebook marketplace

sw20, Sep 3, 4:49pm
Carsales.com.au is the number one in Straya.

franc123, Sep 3, 5:18pm
Best way of selecting a dealer is to find out how many times theyve been taken to the disputed tribunal, how they behaved, what action was taken against them and whether they followed through with it or not, if such a thing exists there. Or a good old fashioned google review search might give the answers quickly.

supernova2, Sep 3, 10:34pm
So what's actually wrong with the one he bought. "Dud" could mean anything.

serf407, Sep 4, 1:17pm
Toyota in Australia have copied/ adapted NZ Toyota business models in their own Aussie way.
Toyota in Aus liked some of their hiluxes so much they purchased them back.
Anything can be a dud in Australia, with the way Aussies use vehicles.


utwo, Sep 4, 9:50pm
Um, that's a different Melbourne (Florida, USA).

cognition, Sep 8, 3:52pm
Yeah, just beware re: Google Reviews, Caught one used car dealer operating under the 'Thrifty' banner out of some back alley in Dandenong posting multiple glowing fake testimonials. Recognised many of the staff names after an irregularity laden hiring experience from that Franchise's rental division.

Mentioning the acronyms ACCC and CAV (after months of being fobbed off) did see half of the glowing fake reviews removed in haste. However, wouldn't at all be surprised to learn that other used car dealers were also gaming their reviews as well. (Technically an offence under Australian Consumer Law, but doesn't look like it's being actively policed over there.)

spead, Nov 23, 7:15am
the dud vehicle is not necessarily the fault of the dealer. Try to buy a second from that dealer and he can bargin a discount in light of the failure of the other vehicle.

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