Best vehicle relocation option CHC to AKL

_peas, Nov 30, 7:13am
What is the best option for relocating a small trailer boat CHC to AKL? Few companies online and looking for a recommendation.

saxman99, Nov 30, 7:17am
Road trip!

sw20, Nov 30, 7:41am
Best as in most care, most direct and timeliness. You.

cjohnw, Nov 30, 8:20am
I have used PTSL about four times now North to South Island and never had one problem.
Good door to door service, reasonable price.
Can also get an online quote.

intrade, Nov 30, 8:28am
best is you fly down and drive it back. i got my passat from dunedin a few years ago. ps you need a face mask on public transport

kazbanz, Nov 30, 8:53am
THAT I would really like to see. Up the coast with the trailer attached I can almost see. But crossing cook straight might be a mission. (its a boat on a trailer)

kazbanz, Nov 30, 8:55am
Being serious mate I haven't got a clue. BUT boat shops deal with this on a regular basis so someone like Rogers boat shop would be worth a yell

nice_lady, Nov 30, 8:56am
Who needs a tow vehicle:

Just attach a number plate and off you go !

gusthe1, Nov 30, 9:30am
boats on trailers don't fit well on car haulers but try by all means. Getting someone trustworthy to tow it may be your best choice

cjohnw, Nov 30, 9:48am
Oh really?
Seems odd that they transported my 20ft Rayglass from Auckland to Blenhein in a week without a hitch.
But what do I know huh.

gusthe1, Nov 30, 9:50am
and as I said, try by all means.
I took one to Wanaka about a month ago on a flatbed. Not a job I'd be quick to accept again.

supernova2, Nov 30, 7:29pm
Shades in Taupo do that stuff all the time

evotime, Dec 2, 9:18pm
For a ball park-I have an old quote from shades $1865+ gst whangarei to Rangiora, that was August 2017. (5.25m boat) I ended up towing it myself, and back a couple of years later.
It was actually kerikeri to Dunedin and it’s not a bad drive.

$330 recently Interislander-Picton to Wellington with a Prado and same 5.25 boat (plus drawbar and outboard obviously)

tuttyclan, Oct 14, 5:09pm
How big is the boat and trailer?

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