How to check sender from fuel tank

gemg, Mar 23, 3:54pm
Any ideas on how to check sender from fuel tank on a 1997 nissan mistral thanks.

intrade, Mar 23, 4:03pm
multimetr could be problematic if no tank acess is under rear passanger seat. look there. As otherwise its tank down or hunt for a connector to start mesuring

strobo, Mar 23, 4:25pm
go/no go test the dash gauge first, short wire to earth it should swing to full on the dashboard gauge or not move at all. The resistance in the gauge is measured proportionally with the sender unit in the tank.Best way to test sender / potentiometer on its own is carefully remove the unit completely from fuel tank away from tank and apply an ohms meter ,probe the 2 terminals at the plug hang the sender unit so the float is at its lowest point ie depicting empty Free fall float to low point should read approx 150 ohms (high reading ) then swing the float upwards depicting a full tank should read around 25 ohms (low resistance) watch the readings on the meter as you swing the float showing there is no lost contact or reading thru the entire movement and has good continuity throughout. check float for leaks and the arm is not bent.

gemg, Mar 23, 4:33pm
Thanks very much for the info

msigg, Aug 30, 7:02pm
Yea good info strobo.

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