Written off Aus vehicle

aph4u1, Oct 16, 8:12am
How easy is it to repair and re register an imported damaged Australian vehicle in NZ. I have been told it is a nightmare.

tgray, Oct 16, 8:17am
Plenty of people do it, so it cant be that hard.
Having said that, you really don't want to go there if your a novice as it will likely turn into the nightmare you have been told about.
Way too many variables and too broad a question to give you a proper answer.
My advise? Don't.

poppy62, Oct 16, 8:21am
Unless you're an approved repairer and can do the whole job yourself, just forget about it and buy a good car here in NZ. The costs of repairs alone are huge even without the bureaucracy getting involved. Save yourself a lot of headaches and frustration not to mention the $$$$.

franc123, Oct 16, 9:14am
I wouldnt go there unless it's a model version you can't get because it wasnt sold here at all or is otherwise very hard to come by AND it's cheap. Many have bought used utes from Australia because they have been kitted out with lots of accessories (bullbars, custom decks, canopies, winches etc) that are either not available here or would cost a bomb to buy and freight over and install. The whole thing needs to be thought over carefully, remember you do get fairly robust backup if things go wrong if you just buy something that is already here and complied and for sale at a dealer.

kazbanz, Oct 16, 10:03am
It depends totally on the nature of the damage. NOT what 'the guy that bought it said" but the actual damage. flood damaged cars for example require replacement of a shed load of safety equipment nowadays and often with new parts. I would suggest doing a lot of investigation into a specific car before buying it.

aph4u1, Oct 16, 11:39am
The vehicle is a commodore zb which was damaged in transit to dealer. it has never been registered and has been removed from Holden data base. Was sold in Aus on the agreement it would only be used for parts.

franc123, Oct 16, 12:06pm
OMG Forget it! Holden couldn't sell undamaged ones! Being written off was the best thing that could have happened to it.That vehicle was a key factor in why the brand has died, they have been identified as the fastest depreciating car in Australia. Worse there will be a swag of ex Police ones on the market here in 18mths to 3 years with 200+km on them hitting the market for about $5k, plus if Holden refuse to recognize it that will cause you horrible issues when it comes to fixing it. Not an economic exercise sorry.

kazbanz, Oct 16, 3:07pm
In this specific case I definitely would not go there. That car now literally does not exist. There is nothing in any data system so sure as eggs no chance of getting it on the road here. The paper trail is as important as the damage inspection.

aph4u1, Oct 17, 1:01am
Thank you everyone. As the saying goes, If it sounds too good to be true, It most probably is.

andy61, Oct 17, 8:40am
That reminds me of some Porsche Boxsters that were water damaged, (the basement where they were stored flooded) imported into NZ from overseas, Porsche removed them from the data base world wide, could not be registered anywhere, the cars turned into expensive paperweights for the people who ended up them, often wonder what became of them? maybe turned into race cars?

3tomany, Oct 17, 9:46am
I know someone who bought a commodore and got told that almost exact story. Must happen a lot over there.
ZB is a worthless car second hand in the first place so i find it hard to believe a damaged one is worth anything.

franc123, Oct 17, 11:30am
Yeah I remember that, somewhere in Asia, Hong Kong I think it was. It would be interesting to know how they finally got used.

gazzat22, Oct 17, 2:43pm
Our local( used to be)Holden dealer now sells Nissans (they did before) and and Chinese made MG,s !

lusty9, Oct 18, 12:34am
don't even go there, new zb's aren't even selling, what would make u think yours will if your gonna sell. And why would u buy one that's damaged and has no warranty if your intending to keep it? Makes no sense lol

toenail, Nov 5, 12:54pm
probably was damaged for an insurance claim.

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