Car dealers common spill the beans

intrade, Dec 16, 7:29am
whats going to change_ i got this reply to the question
A response to your question about '1999 Toyota Granvia 4Wd
Any chance year 2000 of this maybe to come soon?

Nope laws changing soon so be lucky to the person who buys a gem like this

tgray, Dec 16, 8:59am
Maybe he picked up on the fact your not a genuine buyer?

intrade, Dec 16, 10:18am
hmm because kaz also mentioned a rule change . But then again rule change for tailpipe emission testing rumor if that ever comes you all be driving unwarntable vehicles. because you need 100% clean factory aircleaners to pass emission especially that asian stuff.

kazbanz, Dec 16, 11:30am
They almost definitely WILL be introducing a law to stop this sort of vehicle coming into the country. in fairness it really wasn't what the 20 year exemption was intended for. The original Godzilla.A 300z manual or something "exotic" like that was the intention

sw20, Dec 16, 11:35am
Nah the rule came into effect 2005ish? They just haven't updated it. At that stage there were only a handful of pre 1985 cars that you would bother to import. AE86, 240Z, FJ40 etc.

intrade, Dec 16, 11:57am
The way it works in my country i was born the worst gungster country on the planet on most things. But it makes sense and is fair.
You can import and use any car no matter how old solong as it is original and comply to the standard it was built .
What you do get is a way higher tax bracket for emissions . There is a 2 year wof on anything above 10 year old . and i would say about 95% of cars operating with a nz wof would not make it passing a swiss wof. Split cv boot is a fail 1 drop of oil visible is a fail. To give you the idea how tuff that test is.

kazbanz, Dec 16, 12:02pm
Sorry im missing your point.

intrade, Dec 16, 12:12pm
so if they do change it we can only hope they implement it the same as the rules of petrol companys having to desplay all fuel prices. like it never happend at all as far as i can tell non of these thugs displays 98 or 95.
they also have to ban 91 ron catpi$$ that destroys all modern engines if we want to ban sruff that can struggle along on 91 like 90s early 2000 corollas

sw20, Dec 16, 3:40pm
Godzilla’s and 300ZX couldn’t be imported till the law had been around for five plus years AFAIK.

They should have just picked a year, say 1990 and anything before that is free game as long as it can pass compliance.

The SIV scheme picks up the other genuine enthusiast vehicles.

kazbanz, Dec 17, 10:13am
Yea I was dragging examples from thin air to make a point.
The intent of the exemption was for "special interest or vintage cars" so they could still come in.

kazbanz, Dec 17, 10:29am
Intrade--point being--the seller was talking rubbish at this point in time.

supernova2, Oct 9, 12:52pm
Hopefully they will update the WOF rules as well. That most definitely should be a moving target. Working on say 14k per year a 20 yr old junker is now at 300,000 or thereabouts. Brake seals, wheel bearings, rod ends, shocks just don't last forever and at that sort of distance can fail without much warning. Some FWD stuff could potential almost still have the original tyres at the back.

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