Please help! car wont start, battery?

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johnf_456, May 11, 11:15am
Let the mechanic deal with honestly, its complicated.

jmma, May 11, 11:49am
Using poxy toy jump leads and now sounds like you have created other problems, leave it to the mechanic me thinks

richms, May 12, 10:02am
If you have lost all power, like when you change a battery then often the ECU is reset and it will be harder to start.

Are the terminals tight on the new battery! Are they proper terminals or some of those crap ones sold by car audio companies that are all bling and dont connect properly to the wire!

lisa_marie40, May 13, 4:22am
the terminals are tight and look good to me, there is some power like i said in the lights and the central locking, nothing else works tho.

lisa_marie40, May 13, 6:43am
how much does it cost to replace the alternator!

lionel26, May 13, 8:48am
may hav not got enough voltage get a new battery orcheck to see how old your battery is its winter now get.tting cold

smilie13, May 13, 8:59am
new battery

lisa_marie40, May 13, 8:43pm
tried 2nd hand battery from wreckers, is that not enough!

lisa_marie40, Feb 16, 8:40pm
jason looks like your right, they just left here said main fuse had blown, the getting another one and coming back