Please help! car wont start, battery?

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lisa_marie40, May 10, 11:57pm
got in my car this morning and it had hardly any power, just put a window up and then doesnt do anything as if its in neutral (auto), got some jumper leads and had a friend try and jump start us it gave enough power to turn over the engine all lights on dash come up but it wont start, its not gas i put $18 in there, also when she took the leads off my car went back to no power, so what do u think it could be! battery dead! or maybe the other car doesnt have enough power to jump start! her car is a ford mondeo 1998 hope someone can help.

phillip.weston, May 11, 12:10am
sounds like dead battery.

mugenb20b, May 11, 12:12am
Dead battery for sure and hopefully you haven't tripped a fuel pump circuit breaker (if it's got one).

lisa_marie40, May 11, 12:17am
how would i do that! mugenb2ob! when the jumper leads are on both cars it turns over with power like its trying to start just wont start, the min the leads go off it wont turn over

crzyhrse, May 11, 12:21am
It was a bit nippy overnight. That usually kills borderline batteries.

lisa_marie40, May 11, 12:31am
wouldn't it not be the battery tho cause when the jumper leads were on both cars my car had lights come on dashboard and it was turning over, just not catching, so wouldn't this say its not the battery cause i got power going thru!

jason18, May 11, 12:36am
Ultra dead battery that just hasnt got enough power to start. Leave jumpers on for a few mins give it a bit of reving when trying to start and then try

lisa_marie40, May 11, 12:41am
have just tried to start it again and it has a fast ticking noise, like a sewing machine and thats all it does, wont turn on lights but lights on dash are on. i dont want to buy a battery if its not that thats all.

lisa_marie40, May 11, 12:43am
yep jason18 we did that left it on about 5 mins she revved her car and tried it it did give enough power to try to start just didn't catch before i put the jumper leads on i got nothing,

johnf_456, May 11, 12:47am
My money is on the battery or even a bad battery connection (check the earths are clean and tight)

321mat, May 11, 12:50am
The gearstick may be just out of position.

Push the stick forward into Park (more), because sometimes if this is just out of place, it cuts the electrical circuits.

toyboy3, May 11, 12:51am
take the battery out of the good car and fit it to the no go car

jason18, May 11, 12:57am
yeah that could be a good idea too swapping batteries.

crzyhrse, May 11, 12:58am
Battery is low and possibly poked or battery lead to starter is poked.

crzyhrse, May 11, 1:02am
Be aware of the order in which you connect the jumper leads.

Positive dead, positive good, negative good, earth point on dead car (not directly to the negative terminal).

Start the good car, hold rpm @ about 2000rpm for a couple of minutes, then while holding it at that speed have a second person start the dead vehicle. Then disconnect the jumper leads in the reverse order.

Have the battery load tested by an auto electrician.

lisa_marie40, May 11, 1:10am
she put the leads on, what is the earth point on the dead car! negative dead!

lisa_marie40, May 11, 1:11am
she is coming over soon are hopefully going to get it tested up the road they said they would do it for $5

johnf_456, May 11, 2:05am
Most descent sparkies will test it for free as part of PR / promotion.

lisa_marie40, May 11, 4:16am
got a second hand battery and it still wouldn't start, guess i learnt my lesson cuz the guy i got the battery from wont refund, so still not working, could it be spark plugs! alternator! i got no lights on dash, fan windows don't work but the lights and central locking does.

crzyhrse, May 11, 4:26am
Good grief.

You can lead a horse to water.

jason18, May 11, 4:30am
So they tested battery and it was no good!

jason18, May 11, 4:31am
So it still turns over!

lisa_marie40, May 11, 5:00am
it doesn't turn over now, tried the jumper leads and still didn't start. phoned my mechanic he said it could be spark plugs could be many things hes going to come have a look in the morning.

jason18, May 11, 5:03am
battery main fuse in engine bay! Sound like jumper leads maybe on wrong way and popped battery fuse!

lisa_marie40, May 11, 11:02am
where would i find that!