Serious evo vs wrx - and what to look out for?

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carrot3, Mar 30, 8:00am
ok so I'm outa uni and have a pretty good job lined up, and as you can see here I've basically already spend my first few dozen pay cheques lol.
question is, I know they're not the greatest for reliability, but which one is better!why is it that the cheapest evo IV on TM is $7600 but a wrx can be picked up for like 3 or 4 grand! is that trying to tell me something!
is it likely that an evo 4 and a gc8 imprezza, both around the 8 grand mark, are going to be the same condition wise!
and lastly any specific/ not so specific buying advice would be nice too.
I just wanna spend my money wisely.

and without sounding like a grouch, I don't want this to turn into a flame-fest. so save those posts for youtube videos please!

ginga4lyfe, Mar 30, 8:05am
go for the Evo, it wont be stolen as easily, also easier and better maintenance wise( in relation to spark plugs and the like )

phillip.weston, Mar 30, 8:06am
Evo4 onwards has much more power than the equivalent era WRX. A more direct comparison should be between the Lancer GSR and Impreza WRX, and the Lancer Evolution GSR and the Impreza WRX STi.

For Evo4's, watch out for a noisey rear AYC diff when driving around corners or even in a straight line. Usually you can get away with a fluid change and bleed but if it's serious swapping to an Evo5+ diff or even an RS non-AYC diff will fix that.

I think the Evo4 is the unloved child out of the whole Evo range, but I think it represents the best buying out of the lot - you get reasonable looks, and it's the same platform as the 5, 6 and 6.5 so things like the Brembo brakes, flares etc are all 'bolt ons'. Having said that I do feel it's worth spending the extra few thousand and getting an Evo5.

Can't comment on WRXs sorry, the one I had was a POS but it was neglected and abused before I got it, and I did have quite a bit of fun in it too.

carrot3, Mar 30, 8:08am
I am aware that a corolla would probibally be better but they're no fun.

carrot3, Mar 30, 8:10am
I prefer the look of the evo 4 to any of the others for some reason. I don't like the lights on the 5 and the rest are too heavy. and I like the idea of the ayc, I don't think the imprezas have anything like that do they!

ashwattau, Mar 30, 8:12am
Fair enough.

phillip.weston, Mar 30, 8:13am
some of the WRXs have DCCD - an adjustable center diff.

bdogg1, Mar 30, 8:14am
I owned an Evo 5 for a year and a half and it was relaible as. Got it for 30k in 2004 with 48k on the clock. Never had a problem with it, started every time, passed WOF's easily. Was not bad on gas consumption either (98 only).It's a ready to rally car so Mitsubishi had to make them tough. I can't give you technical differences between the Evo and Subaru but I'm pretty sure more WRX's have been produced, which would make them cheaper and less sought after. The Evo in my opinion has more finesse especially in styling. Unfortunately the market and ownership of these cars in NZ is saturated and I don't look twice when seeing either of the two now. If you're going to get one I vote you get an Evo 6.5.

_peas, Mar 30, 8:17am
I'm no expert on them but from what I have been told the Evo 4 was the 1st model with the engine/gearbox rotated round and as stated the same platform as the 5 and 6.It stands to reason that Mitsi developed this setup through the range from the Evo 4 so better to go for a 5 over a 4 (not entirely sure but hey it makes sense to me)

carrot3, Mar 30, 8:19am
makes sense about the production numbers there were only 10000 evo 4 made. did you drive it hard! I'm not planning on launching it but it's gonna be driven like it's meant to be. you reckon they'll take it ok without losing bits all over the road! mitsubishi doesn't really have a good track record for reliability that's all.

buyme3, Mar 30, 8:25am
ive always loved my wrxs and had a few of the gc8s, currently a 96 555 ra, also had an evo4 and plenty of friends who are evo boys, but in my opinion the evos are overpriced and when it comes to parts there are no cheap options, evo parts are unique to any other lancer parts but with the suby alot of parts are interchangeable frm early legacys thru late stis. obviously not all but much of the body interior engine an running gear can be swapped. an all my mates wit evos myself included always had ayc problems, expensive ones, an while plugs are easier to change, coils leads an plugs for em are dam expensive comparatively

buyme3, Mar 30, 8:28am
and if your wantin to give it a thrash a good strenghthened early ra is untouchable value and bang for buck. an cheap to slap later front an rear lights in and bonnet an grill an look like a 99 as i have done lol

glensidevilla, Mar 30, 8:30am
Not because they can't make stuff, but because the stuff they make for the masses is made to a low budget. Whereas the good stuff, e.g. Evos are really well made. I had a VR4, and it was very good, bullet proof engines capable of taking acres of boost with stock internals.

phillip.weston, Mar 30, 8:31am
what! Mitsubishi are just as interchangeable as the next car - the 4G63 has been around since 1980 and plenty of things swap around between the models - my Galant VR-4 from 1991 is able to use plenty of late model Evo bits, right from the suspension through to the pistons and even a rear diff too.

bdogg1, Mar 30, 8:37am
Ha ha. Yeah I gave it a bit and it handled it every time. I'm not an animal though so didn't do doughnuts in it or doughnuts plus 4 passengers or anything. Even on hot days the turbo lag was negligible. It was tough as but could be driven like a normal nimble car too e.g clutch wasn't too heavy. It could handle flat shift gear changes at 8000 RPM all the way to fifth everyday no problem. Just have it serviced every 5000km's and it'll be sweet. Good car but was too expensive to maintain and pay off. If the AYC needed to be replaced for example, I'd be out of pocket 2k like that. It is like having a super car in a way. You are king of the road most of the time you're driving and you always know the grunt that can be unleashed at any moment.

200sx, Mar 30, 9:01am
Simply put, but the best unmodified, low/genuine mileage car you can find. And one that has been serviced on schedule, which should mean an oil and filter every 5000kms. This approach will rule out 80-90% of the used examples out there, but take your time and find a good one. Don't be tempted by one that goes like stink, and has been modified to hell and back. Personally, I'd try several of both before deciding. If it were my cash, I'd go for a WRX at that money. An Evo 4 for under $10k is going to be trouble. Plenty of good original WRXs at that money.

sr2, Mar 30, 9:11am
Sorry I forgot to add the most important piece of advice, enjoy the new toy!

carrot3, Mar 30, 9:28am
I will. it's been a loooong time coming :)

carkitter, Mar 30, 11:53am
If your looking at either of these cars for under $10,000 then it's guaranteed there will be some expensive repairs in your future. An inline 4cyl motor (Evo) is much easier to work on than a flat four (WRX). Having said that, IMHO I think the Subaru looks heaps better unless you choose a rare Evo 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition which looks 'da bomb'! I'm old enough to remember Colin McRae and Possum Bourne so I'd find it hard to go past a Blue and gold STi especially a Type R 2dr model.

Whichever you choose, they're both great cars!

ct9a, Mar 30, 7:32pm
the evo 7 is well priced now.

both cars are great
both are hugely neglected in most cases in reading higher up posts shows.
the evo gearbox is alot stronger then wrx RA or sti in that matter.
any evo 5-1 you find will have had the arse rapped out of it,multipul launches,4wd powerslides etc.
the wrx's will be more neglected due to the running cost that the average owners $300-$500 wage is to tight to spend any money UNLESS broken or not going,then by that stage the whole vehicle is a right mess.

my advice ,firstly find a decent maintained that the owner has looked after and appreciates what he has.
take then both for a drive as both are two very different vehicles.

parts costs are similiar,aftermarket and upgrades,

genuine parts wise subaru is more then mitsy.

phillip.weston, Mar 30, 7:33pm
You hardly hear of cases of crank walk here in NZ - and the issue is only amplified when people fit very high clamping force clutch pressure plate.

1fordluva, Mar 30, 7:42pm
Thats about the best post you have ever had in here ct9a,have to agree with that post 100%
Went for a spin a while back in an evo7 just with a boost controller and suspension upgrade.
For mind, interior is junky,but the car was awesome all around really,handlingand power.

iron-maiden, Mar 30, 8:52pm
both good cars,i wouldnt buy ethier my self i would go for a skyline gts-r

sr2, Mar 30, 9:34pm
+1. I ran a Twin plate Tilton for a number of years without any crank problems.

berg, Mar 31, 2:31am
Bang on with the Evo 6.5 Makinen. That would be my pick as long as it was origional and unmolested. A future classic car