Tell me about toyota camry's sedan?

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bigmacnfries, Nov 8, 3:58am
Thats just you're narrow minded opinion, a lot of us actually like driving Camrys and I'm not mindless public.
If we were all the same the world would be a very dull place.
Besides, the facts speak for themselves, Toyota is Number 1 in this country and the other franchises are so far behind its quite funny.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 8, 6:59am
I agree, the bigger Toyota's were not too far off the pace price wise then and the small ones like the Yaris were eye wateringly over valued.

Every car has a price that its worth, when the value returns I will be there to support it.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 8, 7:01am
Yes the facts do speak for themselves, the relative pricing of the likes of the Camry speaks volumes about our used car industry which revolves entirely around selling used imports.
That's the difference between us and other countries, Toyota's are not just magically better and worth twice as much as anything else in NZ!

magicmat, Nov 8, 7:03am
Had a late 90's Camry until recently and it was a great reliable car that more or less flew through its warrants. but it is gone now in favour of gas guzzling V8. Either way, the Camry is an excellently reliable, no frills but no hassle car in my opinion.

ema1, Nov 8, 7:03am
What right does scotty whatever have to class us all in a broad spectrum way as "MINDLESS" public.
I have my suspicions as to who is the "mindless" one here going by the B.S. he spouts.

thejazzpianoma, Nov 8, 7:12am
He was talking about the Kiwi public at large and I couldn't agree more.

You don't even have to take my word for it the statistics show how "affected" the New Zealand public have been from listening to the drivel told to sell obscene numbers of used asian imports for the last couple of decades.

Its not just cars either, Kiwi's just love to lap up whatever propaganda they are sold, very very few bother to do their own math or check any facts for themselves, even when making a very large purchase.

You only have to look at the Popularity of the Suzuki swift to see how marketing and fashion wins over value and substance every time.

ryanm2, Feb 9, 3:54pm
well, im happy with my late 90's Passat. Seriously, anything with Toyota on it has such a huge premium, I may start buying Cavaliers.