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disciple12, Oct 11, 10:42pm
How long after selling a vehicle?
Hi, we purchased a vehicle from a private seller, and we drove the car home and used it for under a week. But within the week, the car we purchased has a transmission problem.
Can we return the car back to the previous owner and get our refund back? If the seller refuses to refund us, how do we go about it. Are we entiled to consumer protection at all?

sw20, Oct 11, 10:55pm
The only consumer protection you have from buying a private car sale is if you can prove you were intentionally misled about the condition of the car.

If you just went and had a look, test drive, got your Pre Purchase Inspection done then bought the car, you are on your own.

franc123, Oct 11, 11:52pm
In short, no you are not. If you want consumer protection, buy from a dealer. If it took a full week for an issue to show up its pretty difficult to claim the seller misled you on its condition.

saxman99, Oct 12, 1:46am
The only thing you can try is to ask nicely, you never know your luck. If they are a genuine person and feel bad about it they might try to work something out with you, but as said above they have no obligation at all. Best of luck with it.

marte, Oct 12, 4:29am
What make & model car, what's wrong with the transmission?

Even if you had bought from a registered motor vehicle dealer, you can't just take the car back & expect your $$ back. They can fix it & you have to give them that chance.

However with a private sale, that's why you pay less, it's not iin thehe same condition or guaranteed.
Anything can go wrong with a car at any point, a lightbulb can blow at any time, that's how things are. If that lightbulb blowing affects the transmission then it might seem like a transmission problem, but that's the symptom, not the cause. Find out what's wrong & if it's a blown light bulb, replace the bulb.

curlcrown, Oct 12, 7:41am
Short answer is no, you have no protection at all. There are very few exceptions. If you tell us the year make and model of the car and describe the problem we may be able to offer helpful advice on a cost effective solution.

kazbanz, Oct 12, 7:57am
You have no protection whatsoever. I'm genuinely confused as to what makes you think there is or would be any comeback when you bought privately.

gazzat22, Oct 12, 10:31am
A good reason to buy from a reputable Licenced Car Dealer. !

poppy62, Oct 12, 2:27pm
Must be a Toyota.

jesus2000, Oct 12, 2:33pm
God you talk some sh!t.

poppy62, Oct 12, 3:23pm
Hooked a big? one! Awaiting the Google posts.

shortee2, Oct 12, 3:58pm
Oh Dear!

tweake, Oct 12, 5:06pm
the only guarantee is you will not get your money back.

gazzat22, Oct 12, 5:13pm
And he likes Euros Nuff Said.!

sw20, Oct 12, 5:23pm
Quality hook poppy. Love your work.

slarty45, Oct 12, 6:28pm
It has been de-badged, owner does not know?

loud_37, Oct 12, 6:29pm
No you can't get your money back.

Is it an auto? Check the fluid level in the gearbox, a low level can cause all sorts of issues.

kazbanz, Oct 12, 6:32pm
aww comeon at least be realistic in yer trolling.--Must be a Honda fit ior Nissan tiida--Best still ANY VAG group car with DSG transmission.

macman26, Oct 12, 6:37pm
I had a $3000 quote to repair an auto years back. Someone else diagnosed the selector switch. $40 later and all good.
Perhaps provide some more information and it may not be all doom and gloom.

tgray, Oct 12, 7:04pm
I had a $2,500 quote once to fix a Mondeo transmission, so I put a tube of Dr Tranny instant shudder fix in it ($15) and it worked a treat.

disciple12, Oct 12, 7:47pm
Toyota Carib 1998. Paid $2800. We contacted the buyer. And he said that he doesn't know anything about it and said that the WOF papers is proof of everything. In the end, after 3 phone conversations telling him what the problem was, when driving on the motorway, the speedometer was at 90 and then when accelerating, the speedometer remains at 90 too. On top of that the abs light comes and go. But when reducing the speed, the speedometer just falls right down very quickly. So he said he will refund the $2800 minus $200 because we have had the car for longer than 1 day.

marte, Oct 12, 7:51pm
It sounds like a simple speed sensor & that bad info is making the gearbox play up.
There's a huge amount of missing info from the OP & a quick OBDI check would tell what's wrong.

intrade, Oct 12, 8:12pm
thats more then fair enough.
your supposed to do a prepurchase inspection that would hace cost more then 200 bux to start with.

intrade, Oct 12, 8:25pm
a carib is a reliable toyota. You best bet is walking because you aint seen real problems and its repair cost chaged by incompetent repairers.
They wanted 9 grand to repair my mates mayda bt 50 transmission he told me. I said it looks like the fault is the EGR valve hamilton ford diagnosed the same thing and REPAIRED IT FOR 900 BUX IT WAS 4 MONTH OUT of factory warranty. All good now no gerabox for 9 grand money needed.

rpvr, Oct 12, 9:09pm
Then quickly sold the car?

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